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I3S Security Solutions is familiar with most types of CCTV cameras, cabling and installations.

CCTV cameras (Close Circuit Televisions) are used to transmit and record video images of a specific target or place.

Allow us to cater for all your CCTV & installation needs. We are able to supply and install your CCTV cameras, cable and DVR systems. We are also able to setup remote viewing so you will be able to view the proceedings of your business and staff on your DVR unit from the comfort of your own home, your office or your wireless device.

There are various CCTV Systems available on the market today, trust I3S Security solutions to supply you with the right CCTV system for your specific needs. Our range includes, but is not limited to the following:

Standard dome cameras
High speed dome cameras
IP cameras
Hidden cameras (covert)
Box cameras
Wide angle cameras
Embedded DVR systems

Computer based DVR systems. Infra-red (day / night cameras) Off site monitoring of your own CCTV system (internet linked, this requires an ADSL line for remote viewing.)

We offer a large Selection of CCTV Cameras, CCTV Equipment, CCTV Accessories and perform full cabling solutions for your CCTV systems for both off and on-site monitoring.

Your business or industrial property is not completely secured until you have CCTV camera monitoring. CCTV cameras also provide evidence against perpetrators in the event of a robbery or internal theft at your business. Another benefit of having CCTV Cameras installed on your premises is that you will be able to monitor and control who enters and leaves your property